HST: Ancient Aliens – The Greys S4E3

Ancient Aliens: The Greys
History Channel, Season 3 Episode 4
Friday, 24th February 2012

Who are the beings with big heads and giant eyes that seem to have been visiting our planet for millennia? Known by researchers as the “greys,” these mysterious beings have been depicted in rock-art and carved stone figures throughout the ages and all over the world. Who are they, what planet do they come from, and what do they want?

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  1. Very interesting ! I really want to know what is going out in this f***** world :/ !? <br />Maybe 2012 the will show themselves or something like that !? <br />I really want to know if they real or not but i think they real or ?! PLS Answer !!!

  2. What is going on in this world ?!<br />when does the gouvernment tell us the truth ?!<br />Does E.T. beings are real ?!<br />i think they are i dont know why but i have this bad feeling that 2012 is going to happen something :// !!<br />PLS ANSWER !!

  3. You are close to the true of ouer relationship with the &quot;greys&quot;. However, their purpose here is to preserve life from the BIG EARTH CHANGE that is going to hapen very, very soon. Also, they were with us since the very begining trying to develop inteligent life in this planet. We are the results of those efforts…

  4. the reptillians are serpents, they mock ufo sightings because they dont want us to believe and know, god armys are on they&#39;re way in motherships, the greys have been here keeping and eye on us, they are gods workers, all the earths leaders and secret inteligence unit the fbi cia and every organisation like that are satanists and have sold oout the human race to lucifer, anyone noticed how our

  5. The &#39;End&#39; of ignorance, of control and illicit attitude targeting the innocent Human population. Grays are &#39;Custodians&#39; whom monitor this planet&#39;s changes and a myriad of other observations and them report back to the &#39;Galactic Federation Community.&#39; The Earth is in serious trouble and are living in ignorant existences, all the while being lied to and controlled by

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