Multiple UFOs filmed over Midlothian, Scotland 17-Mar-2012

LUFOS – This footage of unidentified flying object or orbs was recorded in Midlothian, Scotland on Saturday, 17th March 2012.

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  1. 1st one makes me think of an aircraft strobe (flashing pattern). 2nd makes me think iridium flare. The rest, havn't a clue. Good camera work.

  2. In all these type of vids the object NEVER, changes direction, stops, or does anything other that look like a satellite. This is because they are all satellites by definition. Tumbling pieces of junk reflecting the sun so they look like they're flashing or just plane old sats.

  3. im wait to get some pictures developed from 3/14/12 two very huge ufos in utah in the day light 3pm sitting perfect still got the pictures on a wal greens throw away camra watch for posting

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