Most remarkable UFO sightings in May 2012

Most remarkable UFO sightings in May 2012 by

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1st May 2012; UFO dropping lights – Escondido, California

2nd May 2012; triangle-shaped UFO – Sydney, Australia

6th May 2012; triangle formation – Bordeaux, France

9th May 2012; trianglular UFO – Moscow, Russia

11th May 2012; trianglular UFO – Fresno, California

12th May 2012; morphing UFO – Scottsdale, Arizona

20th May 2012; 2 UFOs – Ontario, Canada

20th May 2012; strange bright object – Hanoi in Vietnam

22nd May 2012; mass UFO activity – New Zealand

24th May 2012; huge bright object – Melbourne, Australia

26th May 2012; multiple unknown objects – Birmingham, United Kingdom

27th May 2012; bright object – San Antonio, Texas

28th May 2012; UFO activity – Dulce, New Mexico

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  1. We saw red dots over daytona beach.Fl last night 7-4-12. It was about 9:45pm till about 10:30 pm. I didn't have a video camera but took pictures with my camera. They came one by one in the same flight patten at least 4 times. They just appeared and hung around then they were gone. Definately NOT any kind of airplane. Did anyone else report this sighting?

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