Scientist Claims Aliens Exist In the form of Jellyfish

Alien beings have been alleged to have visited Earth for many times. There is countless number of witnesses claiming to have sighted alien invasion; yet, there is still no strong evidence of these visits as well as how these beings exactly look like. However, a space scientist from Great Britain claims that aliens look like a creature that people often see in the sea.

According to the scientist, aliens resemble a big jellyfish that dangles buoyancy bags similar to onion to keep itself at great height. She adds that with light pulses, these creates communicate with each other.

It is known that a person lives based on carbon and that he needs water in order to live. However, this scientist undermines that conventional wisdom as she considers life forms that are based on silicon, which has the same chemical similarities with carbon. What is more interesting is that silicon is also found in the universe, contributing to the idea that aliens’ life may be based on silicon.

Moreover, the British scientist maintains that humans and aliens live in different environment. Because the atmosphere is damped with oxygen and is lethally corrosive, Earth may suffocate extraterrestrials and eventually kill them. Equally, humans are not capable of living in the outer space. (c) 2012

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  1. Why is this news? In 1974 the Soviets claimed to have retrieved an alien body from a crash site and published a photo of its head in western newspapers. (Believed to be Cold War propaganda at the time)The Soviets claimed that the creature was silicon based instead of carbon based like us. How much expensive research was done to find this next gem out? "Equally, humans are not capable of

  2. hokus pokus bunkum where do these scientists get these theories bizarre in total disagreement with there assumptions .

  3. Recent NASA photos from the ISS over thunderstorms show numerous,pulsating,white ,luminous Jellyfish in space over thunderstorms(just outside the earth's atmosphere). Two members of a logging company(migrant workers) from high on a hill saw a white object with a red light and a white light on top descending down to a herd of elk in the valley below. The herd scattered in panic and the

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