UFO recorded by pilot at 41000 feet

This is a new video from Youtube, allegedly a co-pilot filmed this unidentified flying object flying near a plane at 41000 feet (= 12 497 meters). Date and location is unknown till now, if you have any more info, please leave a comment below!

Youtube poster’s description:
This video was given to me by a pilot that use to be in the air force and now is in corporate aviation. The video shows an object he captured on video during a night time flight from Texas to Florida and back. He was the copilot. At the start of the video he is recording the city lights below, using the night vision setting on his camera, when the pilots points out a bright object passing above there aircraft. He video records the object and the pilot calls on the radio saying that he has several objects in front of them. Another plane pilot say he has them in sight. Yet another asks ATC if they had a report at 410. ATC reports that they might see traffic 3 miles ahead and instructs the jet to turn left. Another voice comes on the radio saying it is the planet Venus. The pilots want to remain unknown for professional reasons so don’t ask me the names, dates, or aircraft information. This is real video, recorded in a real jet airplane, on a real trip. The audio is the recording of the real pilots and ATC radio communications.

There are actually 2 aircraft involved. The plane recording the video is flying northwest at 38,000 feet, on the higher definition video, you can see the altimeter instrument reads 38,060 feet and a the direction of flight instrument shows a north west direction. The aircraft, heard on the radio, reporting objects in front of there aircraft is at 41,000 feet traveling east. 

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  1. I love the condescending air traffic controller go oh guys thats venus,pops up every morning.like the pilots dont know what there looking at. the only way anyone will get it,is if they hover in broad daylight and fox has it live with jets scrambling after them.otherwise they will treat everyone including pilots and legit people like idiots.

  2. Obviously wasn't the planet Venus, as Venus appears stationary and this object was moving. Also it disappears rather quickly, which Venus does not unyil sunrise.

  3. Great Catch I wish more pilots would do this as far as Venus I have never seen the planet move across the sky and then just blink out. when it came from the upper right corner diagonally down and stopped I believe it was moving when it went to the right that could have been from then plane making the left turn you heard it instructed to make but again Venus is not going to flair up and then just

  4. definately a ufo them pilots filmed ?& were trying to be rational & justify it by saying it was planet venus great pic .

  5. Definitely NOT some pissed up students in a field. That there is a real rootin tootin UFO. I&#39;m surprised we don&#39;t see a shit load more sightings like this.<br />Props to the pilot for recording this.<br />Reminds me of Japan airlines encounter.

  6. As a pilot, yes Venus rises often in the sky and is seen by us that fly the &quot;friendly skies&quot;. However, I am yet to see Venus move across the sky, stop and then disappear. Venus is also typically reddish in colour of sometimes &quot;twinkles&quot; red to blue. This is substantially brighter and a white/green colour. <br /><br />Venus, I think not…As for why it is now removed from You

  7. Venus is the cause of many sightings and I always tell anyone interested in the UFO subject to make sure where in the sky Venus is. There are excellent apps for your smart phone for this. That said, this was not the planet as there was rotation and other motion from the object. <br />There is something going on I believe, as I have had 4 sightings this year when I have had only 3 in all the years

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