UFO activity filmed over Ecuador 19-Aug-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This daytime video of unknown bright objects flying over Pelileo in Ecuador was recorded on 19th August 20912 at 4:30 pm.
Witness report: Recorded Sunday, August 19, 2012 video filmed in the city of Pelileo – Ecuador, at 16 h 33 while driving my car. Look at the end when the UFO on the right which is next to the tree disappears in the air. I certify that this video is 100% original and may be subject to any kind of test or study.
Author (OmegaUfoChannel @ youtube)

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  1. very good footage,perhaps the best this year.<br />These objects look and move exactly like the thing i seen last year in u.k. Especially the side to side movements while hovering..<br />multiple witnesses too,an english translation would be great if anyone can help out

    • man: &quot;I don&#39;t see where it is&quot;<br />pause<br />man: &quot;No, no, its something… they are flying.. look through the camera you&#39;ll see it&quot;<br />pause<br />woman: &quot;just in between those trees on the left&quot;<br />man: &quot;wooow, im filming two ovnis… turn off the car&quot;<br />man: &quot;look how they move, incredible&quot;<br />pause<br />man: &quot;please don&

  2. It appears to show true UFO&#39;s. Excellent video, tripod would have helped but I know how things are when you just happen upon such things.

  3. Why is every damn video so f-ing shaky? Seriously how hard is it to rest your elbows or steady yourself on all the things around you or even the damn ground.

  4. I did enjoy watching the footage and I do believe a UFO phenomonom was captured but just like the previous comment, I agree that the camera could have been held much more steadily. There are too many shakey cameras out there for sure. Stay as calm as possible and focus…please!!!

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