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Your UFO reports: 15th September – 22nd September 2012
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Prescott, AZ (Williamson Valley area) – 9/23/12 8:00PM
I live in an area approximately 5 miles north of Prescott, AZ at the base of Granite Mountain.
This evening at approximately 8PM I noticed two pulsating lights in the night sky, looking toward the west. The pulsating light appeared slightly larger than the stars nearby, and after looking through my binoculars I could see it more clearly – linear set of pulsating lights in the colors of red, green and white. The object was stationery as far as I could tell. The distance was far away – to far to see the actual shape of an object. I next went to look from the front of the property (NW direction) and saw another object with the same characteristics.
On September 21st, I saw the same exact display from a friend’s home near Watson Lake. She reported that was the third night in a row – seeing the same lights (2 sets). Last night the Prescott area was overcast with heavy clouds – no sightings.

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Melbourne Australia Victoria St in the City – 22/09/2012 at 8.30 pm

Driving up victoria parade i saw in the right hand corner of my windscreen a thing that at first sight i thought was a star until i got closer and it was about half hte size of the moon floating in the sky, it was sparkling a bright blue like gas flames on a stove

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Melbourne, Australia – 22 sept
didnt see it but checked photo and saw this…not sure what it is, to the right of the frisbee?? Melbourne aus. Would love to hear your thoughts, Also saw the one above carlton melbourne both on 22 sept

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Wrexham, wales, UK – 21/9/12 11:00
About 10-12 bright lights travelling across the sky, no noise. All travelling in a straight line behind one another. ‘looks like santa’s sleigh’. Looks like the sighting video of Dublin, 2days ago.. except there were 10-12.. SPOOKY!Wish i;d had the camera!

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Over Simi Valley mtns, southern California, – Sept 19, 2012 approx 9PM
Arriving home from work just about to turn onto my street when facing

toward mtns in distance through dark streets with no lights. What I though was a plane straight ahead in the sky caught my attention because the lights were so extra intense, red,blue,green, well-defined. I thought, boy those lights are sure bright. As soon as I said that, the object darted down towards the mountain peaks, then

quickly up again a little to the right, and then straight right in a line behind a tree where I lost it. It was so fast. I exclaimed out loud. “Wow, that is no Plane!!” I pulled over and turned back around to see if I could recapture it by moving away from trees but could not find again.

My very first UFO.

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Beddau, South Wales – 21st September 2012 (23:00 approx)
I was in front of the t.v. when I witnessed a green light crossing the sky slowly over Beddau. It was ‘weird’ enough to make me leave the settee and look ay it through the window to my back garden. It was then I could see it had a number of lights along it’s side. It seemed so large and low that, as it went out of site, I ran outside to the front of the house to confirm to myself that the windows of the house had not distorted what I had thought I had seen.

To my amazement it was exactly what I had thought. Silent, moving slightly quicker than an airship would cruise, green lights along it’s flanks and closer than I was comfortable with.

It appears there was a meteor shower in the Yorkshire area last night but this was definitely no meteorite. A friend of mine on Facebook confirmed to me this morning there had been other sightings relatively locally last night also.

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Loughborough, Leics, UK – 21st Sept 2012 23:00
I have just seen an object flying in the night sky that seemed very strange and I cannot understand what it could have been. It was flying extremely fast, and at first I thought it was a strange green shooting star, but then it didn’t burn out. It made a circular track and then travelled in a straight line, but then changed direction in a 90 degree angle and then flew off. It was like a train in the sky with different compartments and had a green glow at the front that could be seen even behind the clouds. It vanished heading south in the direction of Leicester. Weird. I have never seen anything like that before, and it definitely wasn’t a plane, helicopter or star. What could it have been???

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Utrecht, the Netherlands – September 19th, 2012. 19:50/19:55
I was sitting in the train looking outside when suddenly a light caught my attention. The light and shape of it were starlike, but it was still too early to see stars in the sky and the sky was still lit (although the sun had already set). I kept looking at it to see if it was moving, but it wasn’t. Then, out of nowhere, a second light appeared, a light exactly like the first one. It was close to the first light, but not too close. Then, unfortunately, a big cloud covered the lights and I didn’t see them since.

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Peterhead, AberdeenshireUK – 17/09/12 3pm
Hi i was looking over the bay at Peterhead. When i saw a fast rotating black sphere with a single light about 6 feet in diameter that was about 500 feet over the bay. It’s rotation was extremely fast and very erratic. It then sped out to sea at a tremendous pace disappearing in a few seconds to fast and to small to be a helicopter or aircraft

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Detroit, Michigan – 9-15-12 About 8:30
Me and my friend Lori were laying out in my backyard, looking up at the sky. We live up north and the north star is very visible to us around this time. I am sure what we were looking at was the north star (Polaris) because I have many astronomy books and star maps. I double checked everything. As we were looking up at the stars, I began to see the North Star move. Not just a bit, like over time and the earth was just changing positions as normal, it was moving up and down almost in time with the seconds. It would move up every few seconds, then down every few seconds. I ignored it, thinking I was seeing things. Until Lori turned to me and asked if it was just her or did I see the stars moving… It was a little freaky. We explored the possibility of a satellite or something, but that got out-ruled after we figured out it was Polaris. So my question is, I guess… Is that, is what we think is the north star actually Aliens spying on us? That’s my theory.

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Palm Springs, Ca – 9/15/12
8pm looking north, observed a yellow light flying against the flight path and at low level. Looked away for a brief moment, and not there. However, seconds later, I saw that was approximately 20ft off the ground near the highway (111). Motorists on the 111 or the 10frwy west of Indian canyon would have seen as well.

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Queens, NY – Sept 14, 2012
Black UFO rides the orgone. Sideways flying yellow object twists into brightly lit shape. Purple and red sky serpent drifts across sky. Red orb dips into cloud. Cluster of deep red objects fly across sky. Footage shot during a natural sky, little to no deliberate aerosol spraying. To clarify on the sky serpent – note – the straightness of the filament.

Here is the link –

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Prague old town square – 01 Jan just after midnight new years eve
This is not a video just a couple of photos i snapped on New Years Eve.

I was randomly snapping the sky with the fireworks etc. I took a shot just above the Tyn church and sort of ‘saw’ something through the lens. It looked like someone had kind of swished a black cloak…if that makes sense. Anyway it wasnt until the next day I was looking back at the pics and realised I had caught a massive orb exactly above the churc which is 80 metres high, at the exact time I had seen the swished effect. Just previous to this pic i have one that is showing orbs kind of coming in around the church. I would value your thoughts as to what it might be.



Clayton, North Carolina – june 2, 2010
i was standing on the back porch of my house. i saw these blue and green lights. then in a glimmer of light i saw a metallic roundish looking aircraft. it shot down a beam. It was a red beam. i could make out what looked like a person going up. about a week later i saw it again. the UFO i saw it beam down another person form. i was scared to death.
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