Exploration of UFO Reports on Nat Geo

Nat Geo’s UFOs: The Untold Stories made a debut on Tuesday, November, 20, 2012. UFO sightings was explored on the first episode including the most famous UFO report in Scotland.

The show featured paranormal investigator Malcolm Robinson from Old Town, Hastings, explaining the 1979 UFO attack in Livingston.

UFO documentary

This attack happened on November 9 when Robert Taylor was claiming he had encountered an unknown object over a clearing in a wooded area. The report stated that the UFO dropped another two objects to the ground and rolled towards Taylor to make an attack.

Taylor died in 2007 but Malcolm Robinson has so much knowledge about the incident through extensive research he carried out. Robinson brought the viewer back in 1979 UFO incident.

Malcolm said that the event is a fascinating case. He believes that Taylor encountered some form of alien vehicle.

The episode also investigated an event where hundreds of UFOs were caught on video in Norway and featured a story from a pilot who witnessed it.

The series will feature new stories of UFO sightings every week in an attempt to give explanation on notable claims of this strange encounters.

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