Computer Security Expert Reveals New UFO Book

A new book is released to provide more information on the ever since debated existence of unidentified flying objects. The book is entitled “UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry,” [Amazon link] which contains details on the involvement of the US government and military officials in the investigation of UFO sightings and alien phenomenon.

One of the big names who contributed to the creation of the book is the computer security expert Richard Thieme who claims to be working for the National Security Agency and the Pentagon. Thieme is just one of the writers and researchers who dedicate themselves to examining the response of world governments to the origins of UFOs and the possible threat from alien invasion. He is also a member of the UFO History Group, which uses documents from the government and other relevant sources to delve into the views and insights of intelligence and military insiders about UFOs.

When asked about the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident, Thieme acknowledged the inclusion of the incident in the book but emphasized that he remains a doubter about it. In addition, on behalf of his group, Thieme did not confirm nor deny the hypothesis about the existence of UFOs. Nevertheless, he connects the hypothesis to the efforts taken by the government to respond to the possible threat of aliens on humans.

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