Apparent Super-Fast UFO Over Port Aransas, Texas

 Pilot Eddie Miles is still in shock of what he saw and he wants to know the real identity of the strange object.
Forty-one-year-old Miles said he flew to Port Aransas, on Sunday, 17th March 2013, hoping to chill out on the beach. He was flying a Cessna plane together with one passenger. He said that his passenger took several shots of the environment as they made their final approach on Sunday.
However, both of them never saw the actual object in their naked eyes. His passenger was only snapping photos in random of their landing. When they were flipping through the photos in the near restaurant, they noticed something strange in one of the pictures. This particular picture shows a white saucer-shape object that seems to go up or down.
They think that the reason they did not notice the actual UFO, it’s because the white UFO moved very fast that only the camera shutter could catch.
What do you think about the photo? Real or Fake?
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  1. wouldn't that be an awfully big propeller then? does a propeller actually come into that much view of a windshield? it does seem to follow the curve of the airplane body though.

  2. When we see or photograph a curious interesting object, such as shown here, Are we not making a connection that lends itself to an interpretation that it is a form of communication to us from the high level powers?<br />If it is a communication, then what could the message possibly be? Is there something in that Port Aransas, Texas area that we should be concerned about? Boom Boom maybe? Boomers?

  3. That is one Magnificant Beautiful SLEEK CRAFT….<br />yes I have taken some pictures, didnt seen, until later, when I scanned through my camers, and there were UFO&#39;s, and other 5th Diamensional things….<br />Dont close your eyes HUMANITY….because we are on the move to a newer EARTH,….but not on our own….love to u all<br /><br />Thanks for pic…

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