Australia: UFO Sightings Increase Significantly Across Gold Coast and Tweed

While Gold Coast and Tweed are the best place to cool down, UFO sightings are hot news in these places.

The leading UFO hunters have received a lot of reports about UFO sightings across Tweed and Gold Coast. The most famous star on these reported sightings are the UFOs that have the ability to change shape while moving very fast throughout the sky.

The most recent one was witnessed on March 20 around 8pm by a man. The UFO was reported to be a V-shaped object with glowing red lights flying near Springbrook.

The object then became blue after moving very fast. Moments later it disappeared.

The latest UFO sighting was reported a few weeks after a group of teenagers claimed seeing the same object flying over Robina’s Lake. The strange object was having a shape like a ball before transforming into a rotating blue cube.

The group said that during their close encounter, their mobile phones stopped working. Sheryl Gottschall of UFO Research Queensland said that the sightings were not normal. She explained that the sightings can’t be find in the literature. She said that all people connected to the sightings were greatly affected.

The organisation has a database of sightings which started from 1990s. Southern Gold Coast owns many reported sightings for the past couple of years.

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  1. Did the UFO&#39;s really change shape as they picked up momentum, or, is possible that people were<br />mass hynotized into thinking they saw the Ufo&#39;s<br />change their shapes in order that it would be<br />difficult for us to identify them??

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