Flying saucer emerges from Turrialba volcano, Costa Rica? 18-Apr-2013

flying saucerThese three screenshots of some kind of a disc-shaped UFO emergining from Turrialba volcano in Turrialba County, Cartago of Costa Rica were taken on Thursday, 18th April 2013.

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  1. you say it came out of the volcano? well how do we know that? cause you say it did? show us actual live footage of the ufo coming out of the volcano and it will be more believable.

  2. Yet another Bigfoot sighting…I mean weather balloon…at least that's what officials will say…again. It appears to be a very large unidentifiable-as-being-from-Earth flying craft of sorts. Very cool…too bad the quality sucks…just like a Bigfoot-blobsquatch film. Otherwise very cool man.

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