Interesting video of huge unknown lights over Cork, Ireland – April 2013

unknown lights

UFO videos – This amazing footage of a huge bright unidentified flying objects slowly flying across the sky above Cork in Ireland in early April 2013.

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  1. We see these all the time down south of Buckeye AZ. They don't drift at all, they just show up…… hover for 5-10 minutes then disappear one at a time then come back again. They will do this several times before they stop. No smoke trails, they stay evenly spaced and never drift into or away from each other. They have a steady amber glow with no strobes. No aircraft in the area when it

  2. they look authentic why didnt video operator go too different locations out of the garden & into front of house ? good shot though def ufos ,

  3. This is the best footage of this type of unknown lights and closest I have seen to date…These have been seen all over the world and almost everyday…You cannot deny its clarity and after viewing hundreds of videos these lights and their formations are the most common and they seem to hover the lowest…And I am absolutly convinced that this video is legit. Please note how they apear out of no

  4. though they appear to drift like flares, the similarity ends there. they don't flicker, there doesn't seem to be any smoke, plus they appear to stay in formation. if flares, what are they coming from?

  5. reading all comments..really u all don't realize those are flares shot from the ground ? but well, can understand, I guess u never saw one really, but sorry those are flares shot by the army, from the ground, no doubts

  6. If they were real, I don't think they would standing there, I am sure there would be a wide spread panic, if they were real ufo's …..I believe in ufo's to the fullest, but if I saw that close like that …. yes I would be running for cover …

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