UFO Passing Over Missouri

A testimony from the MUFON witness reporting database revealed that many who drove south along Highway 72 near Rolla in Missouri were able to see an oval-shaped UFO hovering at the tree top level along the west side of the road on March 27, 2013 about 9:30 in the evening.

A reporting witness said that he had never seen a light in the area for the past several years he had been passing along the highway.

He described the object of several large white lights around the edge that appeared like lights in the Christmas tree. The UFO had also lights in the center and turned on and off.

According to the report, the witnesses were in a hurry to proceed in the appointments but said that they regretted for not pulling back to have a better look of the said unidentified flying object.

Nevertheless, some people said it was just an ordinary plane passing by.

A helicopter was reportedly moving overhead shortly after the said UFO disappeared.

The city of Rolla is located in Phelps County, Missouri. It has a population of 19,559.

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  1. I,along with my brother, observed a ufo over pulaski county, missouri in the fall of 1989. At the time I was an active duty army command sergeant major. We both watched it for at least 5 minutes. It was massive and it’s underside had tyhe texture of a honeycomb. It appeared that some form of static electricity was scipping across the grids of the honeycombed surface. It was completely silent and glided over us until it suddenly accelerated and traveled so fast that it seemed to become a pinpoint of light in a matter of a second. I found out the next day that it was observed by hundreds of people in the county.

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