UK Hacker: U.S. Has Hidden UFO Files

Gary McKinnon was sure that the U.S. has something to hide when it comes to aliens and or UFOs. So, he breached into the security of the computers at NASA and finally got what he wanted in the first place.

McKinnon, a man from the UK, was able to take some images of what he thought to UFOS. Though he failed to get these images in high-resolution using a 56K modem, he was able to compress them and appear them in four colors just to get idea on what these things were ought to be.

According to McKinnon, the objects appeared to have the shape of a cigar and have a silvery color. He was sure that what he saw were not from the Earth nor made by any man on the planet. Their size has nothing to be compared to. He was on his mind was the theory that those in the images were coming from the outer place or simply the UFOs.

Unfortunately, NASA authoritative caught him without having the chance to save the images. He had hacked NASA files from February 2011 until March 2002.

McKinnon, which was diagnosed with autism, eventually revealed that he wanted to be arrested on purpose so that he can finally prevent himself from hacking.

He was tried to be extradited by the U.S. government, which then ceased from doing so in October of 2012.

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  1. So again a non story.. 56k modem really? C&#39;mon!<br />Are we so desperate for something relevant that now were interested in a guy &quot;says&quot; he saw some grainy images with no resolution and 4 color but couldn&#39;t manage to save them to a disk or the cloud? What size image would that be 20k? 50k tops.. What a load of bullshit. He can hack NASA but he can&#39;t save images.. Get a grip.

    • NASA wins, either way; probably genuine since they started extradition from UK proceedings, but realised their action was validating his claims, so they withdrew, smart yet stupid – to expect most people to be dumb most of the time.

  2. He hacked into NASA like a hot knife through butter! – Meaning he knows a thing or two that WE most certainly do not! – No matter how envious little green-faces try to cricize him for what he was not able to achieve. What he DID achieve was A+M+A+Z+I+N+G by any standards! Period.

  3. For the record…This DID HAPPEN, the above skeptics are obviously unaware that gary WAS almost extradited and jailed for life possibly for this! (still say he is a hoaxer?) you also forgot to read that he has autism..maybe that is why he didn&#39;t &quot;save the images&quot; c,mon idiots..wake up!

  4. Who&#39;s writing these articles? You would think someone would atleast proof read the article and check the grammer? I have a picture in my head of a bunch of monkeys in some room just typing away.

    • So, no doubt, you, MS Janet Hosier, are the prime example of a female in the species homo sapiens, with all your gorgeous DNA totally tickety-boo! – Let&#39;s oggle you in a pic, in that case! hehe!

    • hahaha sorry that was mean! i don&#39;t judge books by their covers! &quot;tickety-boo&quot; never heard that one before. no i don&#39;t think i want to be ogled.

  5. Cant say if this z true or not, but this story is old news. YES that jazz happen. funny how it was never on the NEWS hu!!! shit in europe he did dozens of interviews, it was on every news channel but hear nothing nadda*. how he got in was interesting 2 me, he didnt hack nasa he went threw schools like M.I.T. where they had military projects then went threw that. and when he got the pix it took hours 2 down load 1. Does it really sound that impossible….”ceo of SKUNK WORKS, they build sr71,raptor , every ting stealth.. HE said you can easily look this up….WEVE HAD THE TECHNOLOGY FOR 50 YEARS TO TAKE ET HOME”…

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