UFOs and military helicopters over Houston, Texas 10-Apr-2013

UFO sightings 2013 – This strange two bright unidentified flying objects or orbs and black helicopters were recorded in the sky above Houston in Texas on 10th April 2013.
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  1. interesting, not sure why video ends there? like to see how the helicoptors react to the dissaperance of the objects.<br />more info needed<br /><br />

  2. ok that was weird! the helicopters were checking it out and then it disappeared! your film is too short, what happened after that???

  3. One of the helicopters emits a light signal. And try to contact to take. Out the lights disappear. that&#39;s it

  4. This is very interesting as the helicopters are around these orbs which suddenly go out. Has anyone called to investigate why these Apaches were flying at this time?

  5. Stereo chinese lanterns<br /><br />Just joking, very interesting, they must have been relatively close because of the loud chopper noise.<br />Whatever they prove to ultimately be they are increasing in numbers &amp; in sightings, there are also many more sightings from the armed forces that are seldom ever made public, probably more than citizen sightings.<br /><br />These things come &amp; go

  6. Time to demand answers,our right as our taxes are being used to pay these &quot;lawmakers&quot; in D.C. ~Would it be possible to draft a petition (state by state possibly)that would bring about a public forum, where politicians would answer the questions that many people have. These reps, sworn to tell the truth would be bound by the possibility of jail time,for perjury.I&#39;m far from a lawyer,

  7. I live in la porte and I an others have seen these and other things that are insane like no wings and other crazy things day and night. a lot with in the past two and half months. many with in minutes helicopters military armed follow and circle about or fighters more armed than I have ever seen. pics have been taken of some. mostly happens to fast to catch. people did not know what to think

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