Unknown lights filmed above Longview in Texas 9-May-2013

This strange lights were hovering in the sky above Longview in Texas on Thursday, 9th May 2013.


Witness report: On a drive back from work, I notice two strange amber colored lights following me as I race home to get my camera. What we see is the tail end of the last one post morph. I was lucky catch this as mild form of proof it actually happened.

Author (EastTexasUFOs @ youtube)

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  1. Appears authentic, the videographer sounds down to earth and really surprised, If it's fake, he did a good job.

  2. I can only imagine the excitement you had when taking the shots. I believe you and wish I could have witnessed it too.

  3. i wish we couldve seen what you tried so hard for us to see. we couldn't see a hexagonal shape like you did. you sound freaked out, like i did when i saw one of mine. hope you see it again.

  4. I am aware of a few projects being tested right now,… however what was filmed is legit and is not anything conventional.<br />The Person who filmed this identified these objects as &quot;huge&quot; again and again. I only wish we had some sort of idea how big these objects where. No matter…Thanks to the young mans efforts to get the best footage he could.

  5. Excellent sighting and a pleasure to hear about. It looks like it won&#39;t be too much longer and we will all be able to witness these crafts. It seems like there are more sightings all over the world now and I feel they want us to see them. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I really like this guy! For one thing he never said the F word thru the whole narrative and not once did he call us &#39;dude&#39; He seems like a real nice person andIthink he has seen the real thing. Good luck!!

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