UFO Sighting in Scarborough, Ontario

A woman reported seeing a mysterious flashing object across the skies in Scarborough, Ontario on May 1, 2013 at 9:30 PM. Her testimony was filed in the Mutual UFO Network database on May 1, 2013.
According to the report, the reporting witness was with her son for a walk. When they came back to their home, the witness decided to sit down on the porch. Suddenly, she noticed a flashing bright blue, red and white lights just above the house of their neighbour across the street.
She tried to figure out the size of the object and ordered her son to call his father to come outside their house and see the UFO.
The three of them can’t understood what they had witnessed in the night sky. The UFO then moved slowly behind trees but they still can track where it was. After approximately 5-10 minutes, the reporting witness alerted their neighbour in his driveway and told him about the UFO.
By the time the reporting witness and her family cannot able to see the UFO to their house, they went to the backyard of their neighbour. Together with their neighbour, they saw the object flying in west direction. Their neighbour also witnessed the UFO and noticed a strobe like light emitted by the mysterious object.
They do not have conclusion on the identity of the object. The reporting witness wanted to know if anyone aside from them noticed the same object.
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  1. Last night was out watching the lightning and noticed what looked to be stars all moving towards the strange clouds and lightning from different directions, some appeared to be together in a huge shape of a diamond and triangle others just close to each others in random groups with a few that were just singled out and moving faster then others.<br /><br />At times they stopped to just kind of

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