UFO activity caught on tape over Peru – 2013

Unusual UFO seen by multiple witness’s over Peru recently. Object changed shape multiple times and some onlookers thought it could be a living thing, like a jellyfish.

If anyone can provide a short translation of this video below, please post it in the comment section below. Thanks!


A Television Camera Man Spots UFO Over Lima, Peru

An unidentified flying objectacross the sky over Lima, Peru was featured in a news video. The strange aerial object was reportedly witnessed on 30th of May, 2013. The reporting witness described the object similar to a jellyfish but it changed its shape many times as reported by the International Business Times.

The UFO in the video lasts for 10 minutes. It was taken by Peru’s television cameraman Christian Ubillus of Frecuencia Latina Channel 2. The video was featured in a television news program titled “90 Segundos.”

A blog based in Peru, Nuestro Pasado Extraterrestre, mentions that the UFO looks like a balloon chain. The blog continues that the balloon chain turns out to be very similar to many previous sightings of unidentified aerial biological entities as the UFO’s flight appears to be intelligent.

There is no concrete findings yet to determine the real identity of the unknown aerial object whether it is just a bunch of balloons or some kind of extra-terrestrial object. The country has the third largest UFO sightings in the world, next to the U.S. and Mexico.

The sighting and videotaping of the UFO over Peru happened on the same day when a strange aerial object was seen and filmed entering the crater of Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico.

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  1. If you were to ask the gvnmt ,,,,,,,of USA !!!!!!!! They would say its a WEATHER BALLON !!!!!! WTF !!!!!!

  2. Peru sighting: A white cloud changing shape, moving away and coming back. First ever sighting of this tipe in Peru.(Expert comented)

  3. debris from space hitting earths atmosphere contortions of this jellylike cloud effect changes shape through currents in our earths air def not ufo but some type of material floating about perus sky .

  4. i guess ufos could look like just about anything. but the majority are round, oval, triangular and of a solid-type shape. this is dry cleaners plastic floating around. or some other pollution.

  5. The guy in pink (Christian Ubillus)is a professional cameramen from this TV station – he actually mentions seeing clouds, and balloons floating before and this isn't it. He recorded for 10 minutes, then analyzed it closely since it looks suspicious. Then, Mario Zegarra (wearing a green jacket and a Ufologist, 23 years experience he says)declares this is no conventional UFO. he then mentions

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