Triangular UFO With Three Glittering Lights In The Sky Over Canada

A man from Canada reported to have seen triangular UFO formation on May 26, 2013 at 9:35 o’clock in the evening above Newmarket, Ontario. This report was published on the same date in Mutual UFO Network database.

According to the reporting witness, he was in the backyard when he noticed a triangle object with three white lights and about the size of stars. The lights glittered gently that sometimes emitted a red colour but predominantly white.

The witness was not sure about the distance of the object but when he held up his hand, the triangle object was about similar size. He initially thought that he saw helicopters but the three lights did not move and a helicopter actually passed through the UFO.

The lights were slowly descending after around 15 minutes relative to power lines. Approximately 30 minutes after, the UFO with three lights went down to the tree line until it disappeared to the witness’ sight.

He said that the bottom two lights went out his sight first and he estimated that by the time the topmost light reached behind the tree line, the other two would have been on the ground or beyond the horizon.

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  1. Canada has approved over 1,100 drones. Saw this same thing here last year. Sometimes 3 or 4 lights, for the most part looking like someone is being trained to operate them. If you want to know where they are being tested, look no further than mental health facilities and jails throughout the country.

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