Wiltshire, UK crop circle – July 2013

– July 6, 2013: The Ridgeway near Avebury

– July 7, 2013; Avebury Trusloe

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  1. that is an amazing crop circle! such a wild shape! the ringed crop circle has rings for the 9 planets in the solar system.

  2. The top one does symbolize our solar system while the second on is very intricate in its geometric patterns. It just seems impossible that some group can being creating these intricate and precise patterns without being seen. It makes more sense that these orbs that have been seen are responsible more than human beings who would require lights and tools. This seems to be a peaceful way of

  3. these arent manmade there formed evbery year near mystical sites in england the messages are.nt for us there for the aliens themslves to decipher there were fakes made but so poor these are crystal clear untouched by human hand a guy called colin andrews was the first scientist too investigate these circles in gt britain & worldwide 2 amazing pics weel done only seen truly from the air .

  4. The critics are just scared of the truth….we are not alone in this universe and you guys need to except it!!!

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