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Your UFO reports: 29th June – 6th July 2013
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Fresno, California – 7 July 2013
0pm clear calm night sony trv-103 zoom about 15 times night vision. object from south heading north. no sound , light gets big a bright at times. only me as witness.

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31 E 23rd St, Chicago Heights, IL 60411 – 7-7-13, 10:15 pm Central Time
It was 10:15 pm Central Time and my boyfriend and I were sitting in the backyard, enjoying a bonfire the fireworks. My boyfriend noticed an orange glow in the sky. It was in the southern sky, above our house, moving to the north. This was larger and brighter than any star in the sky. It could not have been a plane, it was moving too slow and did not have any flashing lights. This could not have been a firework as it was lit too long, traveled too far and was too high. It was in the sky for about 3 minutes. This ‘light’ traveled towards the north before it disappeared. It just vanished.

Also, after this ‘light’, there were no planes in the air for almost 24 hours. This is strange as we are located in a flight path and see planes at least every 30 minutes. But there were no planes anywhere for almost 24 hours after seeing this.

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My room in Rocklin, Ca face ing eats – 7/7/13 10:10-10:29
Ok so I was trying to sleep then I hear firework / gun shots and I get up immediately looking out the window and I see this orb floating above ground the first one is a street light but the second one looks like one and its not i just looked out my window and its gone

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Twin Falls, Idaho – 07/06/23:32
UFO again over Twin Falls Idaho 23:32 night they are flying with blinking light after im take too many photos they turn off light and they fly like super fast speed this is real they afraid of camera if you take photos but video its okay im watch over city they like have base or somthing over Idaho peace on Earth

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Bangkok – 06/July/2013
While looking out of my condo window during an approaching storm, I noticed an object flying from South East of my location, it appeared to be moving slowly. At first, I thought it was an aircraft that had just taken off from the Bangkok International Airport. After 5 minutes, it had traveled about 15km to almost about 5km in front of me at an altitude of about 5,000 feet. It was then hovering in the same spot and slowly going up through the clouds. While it was hovering, it was changing shape. I took around 41 RAW high resolution images with my Canon 50D with a 135mm lens. The following images are cropped.

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Heritage Village, Fontana, CA – July 6. 2013 – 1:05 AM
4 low flying silent orange objects (saucer shape) moving from south east to north west then moving in different directions over Heritage Village subdivision in Fontana, CA. Reported it to Fontana Police Dept. and 911.
My 7 family members all witnessed it. I got 3 pictures of them. My flash off my camera cause two of them to turn their lights off and accelerated with their lights off to the north east. One object move towards my lights off my camera and hovered directly over us while its lights went off. Then slowly moving in a u turn while still visible with its lights off to the east towards San Bernardino, CA The other accelerated with its light turning off into space.

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Newark, Ca – 7/4/13, 10:10pm
I was at a friends house in Newark Ca. watching the neighborhood light up firecrackers, there were many of us present. We saw an orange light or flame that came from the northwest, just like the one I saw by my home in Tracy Ca, on June 27. Everyone started saying what is that?!! and it kept passing by us as if it was sight seeing, very slowly. It was kind of high maybe 60 to 80 feet up. It was going at a constant speed heading southeast. It looks like the same light in the video from Chicago on the same night of the 4th. I took a picture but it just looks like a tiny orange light. I zoomed in and it looks like a flourecent orange worm.It kept going at the same speed southeast in a constant horizantal route and it disapeared going towards the stars. One of the friends of the family said they have seen the same thing over the last weeks over their neighborhood and it comes and disapears often. What is going on? can someone explain?

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Tahrir Square, Egypt – 03/07/2013
Multple UFO,s On Video over the protesters in Tahrir Square Egypt during the military air show of strength on 03/07/2013. UFO on every short clip, One saucer and two half visible rod – cigar shaped craft all seeen during the fly pass of 6 military helicopters. If confused look at the pictures also at end to backtrack!

Youtube video link:

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Between Petaluma, CA & Novato CA just east of Hwy. 101. – 7/1/2013

I saw 2 extremely large aircraft hovering appoximately 500 to 1,000 feet above the ground. The one closest to me on Hwy. 101 (approximately 600 yards east) was lit up with white lights and had a mutli-colored light near the front of the aircraft that was spinning. It was not a helecoptor nor an airplane. It was shaped like the Klingon starship in the movie Star Trek. The photo I attached from the movie Star Trek is similar to the shape of aircraft I saw.

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Tracy, Ca – June 27, 2013, 1:45am
I was outside in my front yard star gazing, then a floating flame cought my attention across the street, it was right above the house across the way, maybe 50 ft. up, moving east very slowly possibly 3 mph, the flame seemed to light up and then burn slowly from it’s rear. It didn’t seem any larger than a large beach ball, but it had a shape of a bullet. I saw it go right over the trees so I walked down to the sidewalk to follow it and I could see the orange glow through the tree by my house, as I was trying to get closer, when I came out from under the tree and it disapeared! I kept walking to the corner and I couldn’t see it anymore. I saw a couple walking from Ray Wise Lane pointing upward, then I knew I wasn’t the only one that saw this strange sighting. I went back home. I should have went over to talk to them.

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Malvern, England – june july
over the last 4 to 5 weeks in the sky above Malvern Worcestershire England i have seen numerous white lights about the size of a medium star.Most nights when clear i have seen up to 5 in about an hour most travelling south to north but on one occasion one seem to return north to south and a few going east to west.They all keep a steady fast pace apart from 3 i can think of that were very fast.They leave no trails and do not flash in any way.I have been sky watching for about 18 months and this is the first observation i can not explain.Tonight July 2 i have seen 3 between 12 to 12.30,can anyone shed any light on what i maybe seeing or have close look for yourselfs

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Antwerp, Belgium – June 30th 2013 01:30pm
I opened my curtains at around 01:30pm when i saw a triangle UFO flying right towards me.
I grabbed my camera, opened my window and managed to film him for about 40 seconds till he disapeared behind the same line of trees they always do.
Right after i filmed this triangle UFO my password of my computer got changed so i couldn’t enter my own computer anymore.
Had to install a new windows again. When i wanted to upload this video i also had someone hacking my passwords on my youtube account and obviously also my hotmail cause when i asked for a new password someone else managed to press the link before i could
wich means they were and are also in my hotmail …
Some people over here obviously don’t want me to upload these videos …
Since then i get followed by cars with tainted windows. They say i’m paranoid but i will proof it to you sooner or later that there are really the same cars following me trying to impress me …
It’s only 37 seconds of footage but i guess this is the best belgian UFO footage of a triangle UFO ever.
I also uploaded a nice “manta ray” UFO filmed on the same night.
Filmed by UFOsightings2013 on june 30th around 01:30pm.

Part 2:
July 5th midnight till 02h pm
All these crafts were filmed within a 2 hour period
It’s like they performed a show just for me, one after the other.
sometimes they came flying right towards me and right over my house making no sound at all. I didn’t even used all the footage i shot in those 2 hours.
Youtube video link:

Part 3:
July 6th midnight till 02h pm
2 triangle shaped UFO’s over Antwerp.
Filmed these 2 triangle looking UFO’s myself.
These are defenitly no airplanes.
Filmed last night between midnight and 02h PM

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Keller, Texas, USA earth – June 28 around 330 am
I awoke to a strange noise it sounded like, what you would imagine a hovercraft to sound like but different i heard two low throbs of pulsing noise then one high then two low about five times probally more before it awoke me my brother woke up and heard it to after several seconds the noise stopped I can conclude it was not a plane( area where flight is common) because of the unique noise and how fast it the noise faded.


Dome Valley, Warkworth, Auckland – midnight, 20/ 3/13
I was watching TV late at night when at midnight exactly I suddenly heard a very loud sound like a jet engine whining from right above my house. I rushed outside thinking a plane was about to crash or something, it was that loud. Right behind my house which backs onto a large forested hillside of about 200 acres, I clearly saw a triangular craft with three red rings in each corner and a flashing white light in the centre of the triangle. I was looking directly up under the craft which was lit up with white neon lights in longs strips in a grid pattern. I could clearly see the colour of the craft, it was a pearly metalic finish. The colour was like muddy water. It was completely flat on the bottom but I could see the shape of hatches, probably for landing gear.

The craft displayed flight characteristics that were not normal, including hovering, moving very slowly, turning on the spot, moving sideways and then shooting straight up in seconds. It appeared to be the size of an a4 sheet of paper held in my outstreteched hand at first and then shot straight up to a much greater height where it was now the size of a bottle top.

The morning before this sighting at 4am we also experienced a large shock wave, followed by a blue flash of light and then a large explosion from up in the hills all in a fraction of a second. This was on a clear night with no clouds at all, so it was puzzling, as it wasn’t lightening. later that morning we found our phone lines and phone fax machine fried. The technician who came to fix it said that our line and only our line was affected and was blown five kilometeres back at the junction box.

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Carnegie, OK – April 2013 at 6:45 pm

I shot the pic straight up in the sky when a storm was starting to come in. The Storm hit a little later and did damage in Anadarko, OK


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  1. the tahrir square faked photos are a blemish for this site. i cannot believe this site takes us for such saps. to the poster/faker of this obviously ridiculous film, maybe you should submit your film to a cartoon network and leave this site to serious-minded witnesses. now go back to your playing.

  2. About the Fresno sighting no way I live there also.We don't have planes at night only one at twelve Fed EX and planes flew in morning to bad this is a serious joke and lie.

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