The Reptilian Agenda

UFO TV Presents : The REPTILIAN AGENDA – Featuring: ZULU Shaman Credo Mutwa

Now presenting the film that changed the UFO/ET story for ever. This legendary 6.5 hour movie describes in detail the evidence that a Reptilian ET race is engaging the planet earth and have shaped human history for thousands of years.

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  1. What is not told in this great report … is that a kindred reptilian species who were already peacefully coexisting with the human species were attacked by a diabolical outside species of reptilians, enslaving both the humans and kindred reptilians, and that the invasion of this diabolical species of reptilians, began beyond the veil in the celestial realm hidden from mainstream ..<br /><br />Also

  2. Fear based…not true…I am a real experiencer and I am not for sale, show, up for selling a book, movie deal or what ever….My true ET experience has been profoundly spiritual and my life with ET divine guidance has been there all along. I thought I had moments of sychonisity, paranormal…NO…it&#39;s ET Karmic Law testing and trying.

  3. The Reptilians we speak of today are the &quot;devils&quot; and &quot;Satan&quot; spoken of in biblical times. They are without souls, evil, and bent on domination and control. They already control everything that goes on, keeping most people in a misty fog unable to see the truth. Jesus warned over and over again of their intent. These beings are, let&#39;s face it, smarter than we are, and

    • I agree. This guy needs to get help. Spiritual help. He is seeing demons. How horrible. Pray and have faith. I have no fear.

  4. Poppy cock is right. This man is mental. Obviously against Christianity. Well maybe that is his problem. I have no fear. I have seen ufos and have never been abducted. This guy is nothing more than mentally ill. I regret listening to such a long line of bs. Who made him an authorIty on everthing. JESUS IS MY SAVIOR and taught peace and love. Corrupt people use religion but thst is just the devil

  5. Of course they are the Demons thrown out from Heaven to us down on earth and most people are control by them. If you dont want this to hapen to you dont give in to them and look for the truth.

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