UFO Sighting Across England Skies

A disc-shaped unidentified flying object that emitted a very bright light was witnessed floating in the skies of Derby, England.The video shows a bright UFO hovering in the sky before descending slowly and disappearing behind the clouds in the night.

This latest sighting is one of many reported UFO sightings in UK recently. Just a couple of weeks back, Dorset Echo newspaper reported a UFO sighting across the skies of Dorset, southwest England.

A reader reportedly sent pictures to the publication about the mysterious lights he witnessed. The witness said that he initially thought the lights were coming from some sort of helicopter display but wondered when he did not see something when the lights disappeared. The lights came back on and then kept flashing on and off. Around 5 or 6 of them did not make any movement in the sky, according to the report.

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  1. What is it about England that seems to attract these things? It is such a tiny island with a large population. whatever these things are they certainly intend to be seen. But for what purpose?<br />I live in Canada, one of the largest countries in the world with only a population of about 32,000,000. Yet very few people report UFOs, compared to other places. Maybe that&#39;s the reason, too vast

  2. Another celestial object filmed, and finally goes down behind the horizon, you can only tell. Why didn&#39;t they film a zoomed in picture?<br />

    • if you watch it again, you see that the object is descending. it moves from the tops of the trees,(in our line of sight, it&#39;s not actually there) to just over to the right. if it was a celestial object, the trees swaying in real time would be sped up. it&#39;s not celestial. the film would also be getting alot darker as night approached.

  3. How do you see a disc in this video, all I can see is a bright light, and it doesn&#39;t even look disc shaped, it looks orb like.

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