Amateur astrologer filmed UFOs over Tucson, Arizona 16-Oct-2013

A hobby astrologer recorded these objects in the night sky over Tucson AZ, USA. Actually he watched the clear starry sky when he saw seven objects. He watched the objects ca. 5-6 minutes before he remembered that he has a camcorder in the trunk of his car. When he came back and finally found the objects again he only could record four of them. He is a hobby astrologer for ca. 30 years. He’s never seen something like that before. If it would have been only one object he probably would have suspected a satellite. But this is somehow mysterious

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  1. Wow! Good catch. I commend you on keeping your composure in tact while witnessing these objects from out of this world and also for remembering you had your video camera. I would have been beside myself hooping and a hollering then hyperventalating. No mistaking, "They're Here"!

  2. That's very interesting, I'm always critic bout sightings, lately too many pranks and fakes. Nowadays everything can be perfectly faked, even in a way that nobody can notice, but here, if the video isn't manipulated, are shown objects that cos their movements and speed, are clearly not made on earth.

  3. Now THAT&#39;s what I call a UFO sighting + video!<br /><br />Thanks to the original poster for this awesome footage. Notice how fast the orbs are at about 1:10 until 1:44 in this footage. Breathtaking.<br /><br />Videos like this one are all too rare. I&#39;d love to see what it looks like slowed down.

  4. I&#39;ve never posted on a site like this and usually just visit sites like once in a long while.<br /><br />However this caught my attention as I was researching any recent UFO sightings due to what happened to my wife and teenage daughter on Wednesday 10/16.<br /><br />My wife and daughter were coming back home to STV through Oracle juntion, which I believe is highway 77. If you have ever been

    • Nobody physically hurt, that&#39;s good. All I can say is do your own research. If you&#39;re not a great reader there&#39;s lot of A/V material out There. Just beware the rather different folks that tend to haunt sites like these. Good luck, God Bless.

    • i would say consider yourself lucky and amazed to actually have witnessed in sight, what you saw in this video: but it sounds like you&#39;re scared so i&#39;ll say i&#39;m sorry to you. i guess they saw it, and you&#39;ve actually found footage of it here, and i hope you are convinced. there may be many who won&#39;t believe you. know what you saw, and believe. it&#39;s an amazing thing this

  5. Seriously?? I think Anon had it right when he mentioned laser pointers. There is no point of referece in the vid, the person recording seems awfully calm with nothing to say and fairly normal breathing… If this is real then good for you but I say bull$hit.

    • Dont think they are Simon…They move way to smooth and one of those lights looks white and the others are a faded bright red..yea way too steady as they form a tiangle..What do you say?

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