China UFO Stays Visible For Almost Two Hours

A UFO was spotted in China by a man at the Nanling Campus of Julin University. It was caught on film as the man who first spotted the mysterious object called friends who captured the UFO in a video.Mr. Duan says that he was bored in the middle of the very nice evening and decided to buy something to eat. When he was outside, he noticed the mysterious object in the sky together with many visible stars. He says that the strange object was perfectly still while flashing three different colours of light. He wanted to immediately videotape his UFO sighting but he did not have a camera with him. So, he decided to call his friends who also eventually spotted the unusual object and videotaped it.

Duan says the object remained stationary for almost two hours until slowly got smaller and more distant. It disappeared to their naked eyes as it moved far away from them in the night sky.

Duan claims that his latest sighting was not the first one. He apparently saw a triangular craft earlier this year. The craft reportedly had small white triangular formations placed at the bottom of it. He says that the craft had flashing blue, green, white and red lights but he was not able to film or photograph his first sighting.

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  1. For those of us who KNOW that the human race isn't the only intelligence on the planet, here and now…the "Days of Skeptical & World Government Denials" are just about over. I cannot wait until extraterrestrial life forms pop the swamp gas filled weather balloons!!

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