Daytime video: Triangle UFO over Amsterdam, Netherlands 28-Oct-2013

Latest UFO sightings – New footage of a bright triangular-shaped object flying across the sky above Amsterdam, the capital and most populous city of the Netherlands. This was taken on Monday, 28th October 2013.What do you think about this footage? Real of a CGI? Please leave your comment below!

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    • I think you are describing the &quot;close-up&quot; part of the last bit of the video. In the full scale video the move you are talking about does not exist: the camera is still.<br />Please look again.

  1. At what time of day did it storm? Whatever it is, it moves behind those clouds pretty convincingly, and the sudden, instant acceleration is typical of many UFO reports.

  2. At what time of day did it storm? Whatever it is, it moves behind those clouds pretty convincingly, and sudden acceleration is typical of many UFO reports.

  3. According to weather forecast it was clear 28 and 29 Oct 2013, lucky to get such a good view of the triangle. I know people lie about these things, but there are people that have seen them that will never admit it!

  4. This definitely looks like one of the recent balloons launched by Google. It moves like a balloon. It&#39;s most definitely a balloon. Now, if it darted all over the sky doing very quick, split-second maneuvers, then I might be convinced it&#39;s not of this world. This video footage is too &quot;tame&quot; to believe it&#39;s nothing other than something man-made. Keep wishing–you might

  5. never seen a white triangle before either a cgi or a piece of old space junk floating around our atmosphere on the fence with this one .

    • Me too. Thought for a very long time, before finally pressing the real button. People believe it&#39;s fake, because the guy shooting it was fortunate enough to catch the moments in which the craft switches to &quot;fast mode&quot; transport. And although nowadays a still photo can be easily faked, still nobody has pointed out to me how to fake that kind of video.

  6. Psychic pathetic fake Sylvia Brown proven to have defrauded people and caused untold anguish? Yeah I&#39;ll believe her NO day soon.<br />the triangle looks like a balloon or kite.

  7. I don&#39;t understand how anyone that watches this video all the way through can honestly claim it is a fake! They can&#39;t even come up with any logical explanations as to way they don&#39;t believe it&#39;s a UFO! I didn&#39;t see any camera shift at the end and I watched it carefully! Great job to the camera person! What an awestruck response and I hope you keep on checking the skies!

  8. just dropped by this video…looks like nobody here has any idea bout video editing…this is sooo clearly a joke, cheap and quick made, that&#39;s it, bout ufos hundreds videos r just pranks, made to cheat who doesn&#39;t know bout video editing, and to fill up youtube and other websites, but a few, maybe three, videos in the past years did make me think something unusual might have been flying

    • Clearly, you have no idea what you&#39;re talking about as it relates to UFO&#39;s, pranks, video editing, and whatever else. First off, there aren&#39;t many good &quot;prank&quot; UFO videos ANYWHERE on the internet. Almost every &quot;prank&quot; is so painfully obvious, you&#39;d have to be an idiot to believe it might be real. Secondly, there aren&#39;t very many good CGI UFO videos either.

  9. Again, this a complety fake video, most likely not even recorded on the specified date (Octabre 28 2013). And, as said earlier, the weather on that day was heavy storms, rain, trees falling in the city in Amsterdam, 1 foreign woman even got killed by a falling tree there. But definitly NO blue sky! People who talk about good weather conditions there are weren&#39;t there. I was!!!! Wheather on

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