Ancient Aliens: Alien Operations S06E06

Ancient Aliens – Alien Operations
History Channel, Season 6, Episode 6
November 1st, 2013
Mysterious surgeries performed by early humans… Strange beings with miraculous powers… And a cover up–destroying centuries of scientific knowledge. Are recent breakthroughs in medicine the result of years of research? Or does the knowledge of healing really come from an otherworldly source? Evidence of advanced medical procedures practiced in the ancient world has been found everywhere from carvings on the walls of temples to actual skeletal remains. But just who were the practitioners of this extraordinary science? And where did their knowledge of the human body come from? Accounts from various cultures describe similar divine, birdlike figures that brought advanced medical knowledge to mankind thousands of years ago. Who–or what–were these ancient surgeons? Is it possible that these Gods may have been extraterrestrial beings that came to Earth to teach humans how to heal themselves?

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  1. Well if we&#39;re being visited by aliens the slacker should show themselves instead of hiding behind their blinking lights. We don&#39;t need a light show fellas, what we need is a cure for diseases, clean energy, and lessons in how to make peace and keep it. So either take yourselves to the next planet or have the courtesy to show yourselves…. bunch a slack jaws.<br />

  2. Agree. Besides, this website should not come up with this Von Däniken stuff of the sixties of the previous century unless it is about a conclusie proof or refutal of this Paleo SETItheory.

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