UFO activity in the sky above Melbourne, Australia – November 2013

UFO sightings – New video of a strange UFO activity in the sky above Melbourne in Australia. This was taken in early November 2013.

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  1. this was exactly like the video of these thing gliding like sea gulls but never flapped there wings,,there black and white,,black on wings,,with a bright light in back,,theres a video by a man who recorded these things,,,they are not birds,,,they mimic birds,,the world has been infiltrated.

  2. WTF kind of BS are you resorting to here in order to force a damn commercial on us. You list this as a UFO above Australia, and include only a crappy photo of it, and then this YouTube video below it of cake delivery. I've just lost all respect for you who are running this website. Fuck You pathetic bastards.

  3. this is exactly what i seen in omaha, nebraska today.. they are up to something but only time will tell. And seeing that today made it official that no matter what i read, or what i hear from other people, i now know there is something out there

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