How to Summon UFOS with Robert Bingham

This video was shot on Dec 14, 2013 at Eagle Rock CA and covers step by step instructions from Robert Bingham on how to summon ufos. It also shows great footage we caught last Sat while filming this.

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  1. I'm skeptical. The only way I'd beleive he's summoning other than earthly objects is if a plane and/or helicopter were able to be in close proximity and would create photographic/video evidence of them simply appearing. We're talking about California, there are things let loose and floating in the air all over the state. So, show me a simutaneous video from a chopper in close

  2. i have an open mind. i agree completely that all we humans have psychic abilities that we don't use. i look at the sky all the time. but this seems a little strange and odd to me. i don't wish to summon a ufo. that could be inviting disaster. i have seen 4 just by pure luck, and one was only tens of feet away from me. i don't discredit or think this man insane. i don't know what

  3. Well This is incredible i tried this and out of a cloud an object came flying out i watched it for about 5 minutes till it disappeared . I still don't believe what i have seen and i can only recommended other try this. ps it was very similar to the first ufo in the video

    • i have tried this…time and time again, during the day and night, and absolutely nothing, i too have seen a few what i believe to be genuine UFO’s now, but none have so called been thought invited, they were 100% by chance.

  4. this is all absolutely ridiculous, i do believe et are visiting us, but i m not that brainwashed to believe such jokes, people should look at things in a critic logic way, otherwise anybody sane of mind will start laughing…

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