Virginia: UFO in the Background of CBS Footage

The National UFO Reporting said that two UFOs were reported last week in the grand state of Old Virginny. The first of the two was seen on December 7 and the other one was spotted on December 10 in Yorktown.

Many viewers of the 11:00 PM newscast at CBS 6 observed something that streaked across the sky near the landfill of East End Henrico on December 9, 2013. Viewers particularly referring the light in the background of the station’s cameras while rolling.

Are extra-terrestrial life forms attracted to coal ash? Did Santa travel early this Christmas and conduct a test ride of his sleigh? Did Man of Steel DVD release make a promotional display?

The video shows a defined streak and the same activity can be found in another clip. Many ruled out the possibility of meteor showers as the full showers started December 12.

It has been hard to reach anyone at NORAD and everyone at the North Pole has been very busy lately. Zach Snyder still has to comment on the Superman question though, Wonder Woman is the vogue focus last week. No word from Human Resources at the Richmond Times-Dispatch to answer the question if they recently hired Clark Kent.

Nothing is certain about the UFO sighting but one thing is for sure, the truth is out there.

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  1. why the bleep is it so short? that thing went by so quickly and then the film was stopped before the end. looked like it could have been faked for xmas. it stays the same long shape of brightness.

  2. It's not a video, it was shot using multiple frames per second, that's a plane landing but it appears sped up because of the way it was photographed.

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