Most remarkable UFO sightings in January 2014

Most remarkable UFO sightings in January 2014 by

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January 2014; fast objects – Medina, Saudi Arabia

1st January 2014; UFOs – California

4th January 2014; V-formation – León, Mexico

7th January 2014; daytime triangle formation – Newport Beach, California

14th January 2014; unknown lights – Saint Stephen, South Carolina

22nd January 2014; bright object – Bova Beach, Florida

29th January 2014; two UFOs or orbs – San Antonio, Texas

29th January 2014; unknown lights – Brazil

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  1. If they are real? The gov. is not going to tell you because every one would go crazy. Because people are stupid. That's what the gov. thanks about us. Are they right? Partly I think. But are they real? "YES".

  2. ive seen a few things in my lifetime.been scared only once.but this one, I know the military complex around the world has all kinds of things they are keeping from us,but I don't think we are that far advanced any where.this should make EVERYONE THINK.

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