NEW! Ancient Aliens: Aliens in America S06E13

Ancient Aliens – Aliens in America
History Channel, Season 6 Episode 13
31st January 2014

Strange rock carvings from 8,000 B.C. Unexplained sightings in the new world. And a frightening anomaly plaguing the American West. Is there more to America’s past than is found in our history books? Could the mysterious stories and relics found throughout the United States be evidence of extraterrestrial contact in the distant past? In 1909, the Phoenix Gazette reported the finding of a strange man-made cave filled with ancient objects and mummies. Could there be a connection between the mysterious cave and the legend of Native American ancestors called “Star Beings?” Strange lights and unexplained weather anomalies were documented throughout colonial America. Is there evidence that early American settlers had close encounters with extraterrestrial entities? Could UFO sightings and reports of alien contact be part of America’s untold history?

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  1. I have always felt and believed Humans have been on this planet many many years longer than our Lame Stream Archeologist's and so called "Historians" have determined. Each 25,000 years we have a change of guard on this planet. The survivors slowly re-populate the Earth and their History falls into play. I will venture to say the "Indigenous Tribes" in the North "

  2. Little Egypt Ill. gave up some great evidence for them being here in America. Main stream science tries to jam any "new" evidence. Could it be they were here before we got here, America? They would have been isolated as they would prefer. This was a perfect place for them. Now prying eyes or curious humans. Only logical if you believe in them.

  3. Too bad we have messed it up. Now they are taking us down. It looks natural as it did in 1812 but make no mistake we blew it. We have become as bad as those we left to come here. We will fall. Further.

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