Orbs and cigar UFOs caught on tape over Newport Beach, California 2-Feb-2014

Submitted by: Jim
Sighting location: Newport Beach, CA
Date: Feb 2, 2014 / 11:30 am

cigar ufos
Report: I filmed some great orbs and cigar ufos and a swarm of ufos, on Feb 2, 2014 from my deck.
Filmed this activity on Feb 2, 2014 in Newport Beach CA at 11:30 am. The day started with a smooth orb flying across the skyline westward towards the ocean. From there a number of Orbs and Cigar ufos became visible as the sun’s rays shined directly over my porch providing great light. Please see 1:54 for a breakdown of the different Cigar ufos. As the hour progressed and the light changed the lens picked up swarms of Cigar ufos and Rectangle ufos and Rods. It was the most activity I’ve scene before of these kinds of objects. Please see 3:20 for a breakdown of the swarm. Digital Zoom and filter applied to get a closer look.

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    • It's not a fake. I have the masters to prove it and could show anyone this activity. You just have to go out and film in the right sun light.

  1. rick u kidding ? seriously u look at such stuff thinking what those can be ? seriously ? come on, that s so clearly a joke..dozens way to make it..but clearly a joke

  2. saw the exact same object at about 2 years ago. it was hovering or flying slowly over an air force base in western india. was visible for about 5-10 seconds. time was about 4 pm . i know what i saw and am sure it was no man made object- for sure .

  3. this is filmed in/on water I have seen it done before and then it is mixed to make it look real ….please folks there are no such things as UFO's get real and get yourselves a life.

    • If you do not believe that UFOs are real (whatever you mean by that) Are you just here to be unpleasant to those who do believe?

  4. If the photographer would use a land bearing or a mountain side to give the viewers a significant point of reference to show the size and the distance these UFO’s appeared over the horizon, it could help us common folk who believe in things like this help support his video as true.

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