VIDEO: Strange UFO activity filmed over Florida 18-Mar-2014


New footage of a strange orbs hovering in the sky above Florida. This was taken on Tuesday, 18th March 2014.

Witness report: Two stationary UFOS, with helicopter to the right (observing most likely)
I was on my way home from walking my girlfriend to her bus stop (about three blocks away from my house). On my walk back, I started hearing helicopters, and I looked up and saw two stationary orb-type lights in the sky, with a helicopter flying to the right of them. Having no idea what the hell the lights were, I ran the rest of the way home to grab my cellphone to record them (“my girlfriend won’t believe me” were my thoughts at the time). When I got home I got my cellphone and ran out to my balcony and started filming. At first there was only one helicopter, then eventually two. The two objects in the sky were stationary for about 10 minutes total, I barely saw any movement. I had finished recording (3 clips in total and one picture) and decided to text my girlfriend one of the pictures. By the time I sent the text, the objects were pretty much out of view, they had traveled farther north, past my field of view.

Author (source: mufon)

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    • yes there was a helicopter among them. maybe trying to get a close-up look to see what they were. makes me wonder, how many pilots, even the ones who are sent to check it out, are ordered not to say anything to anyone of what they witnessed.<br />looks like at the end there, they were starting to make the triangle form seen many a times in other videos. <br />great video

  1. if you see them again, focus on the objects and don&#39;t move. don&#39;t zoom in and out, don&#39;t refocus all the time. try not to speak cause that&#39;ll move your camera. why didn&#39;t you continue to film after they started to move? your film ended with the objects still in full sight. very interesting and really bright.

    • I live in the outskirts in north Fl.No city lites.Go out at night and only see stars and the moon.Yes where in Fl,Iwould like to know also?

  2. im on the fence with these 2 lights might be new prototype drone craft being overlook by helicopters new military designs ?

  3. If available, Please include location of sighting. Might we not consider that there may be something in that area that may be of interest to us? MARKING? Thank you. <br /><br />

  4. Fred and the Mrs. will be heading down South Beach way and up to Clearwater for a marathon photo shoot, keep an eye out for the pink 59 caddy with pink and purple tuck and roll….

  5. Very interesting. What Janet says is great advice.<br /><br />I wonder if we will get the nutter who is obsessed with &#39;fred sausage&#39; and &#39;slack jaws&#39; commenting on this one?

    • i think they&#39;re one and the same! neither one is funny or really makes any sense! he needs to come up with something new! do you hear us, mr fred sausage with the slack jaw?

  6. In Florida there are many USAF bases,US Navel bases from Key West to Jacksonville.40 miles above in Ga.Brunswick Air Navel Station.So if there where was the USNavy Jets,USAF???If this is real look into MUFON,Jacksonville

  7. just wanted to point out a correction.<br />the video you just posted titled &quot;UFO activity over Florida, USA – 18 March 2014&quot; has wrong information.<br />this video was actually shot in Chicago, Illinois. not Florida. the date is correct, but the location is not.<br />it was originally uploaded by YouTube user TokedOutVlad on March 18, 2014 with the title &quot;UFO over Chicago? Strange

  8. Seems like the one closest to the building, has a Red and a white light, almost like hmmm, kinda 2 ships in one. Very cool footage 🙂

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