Best UFO sightings in April 2014

Here’s the compilation of the best UFO videos recorded all over the globe in April 2014.

– Disc UFO Recorded Over Uruguay
– UFO Photographed By Weather Camera In Hong Kong
– UFO Caught Multiple Times On Deer Cam
– ISS Commander Talks On His Outer Space UFO Experience
– Light Source Photographed On Mars Surface By Rover
– Large UFO Shown Beneath ISS On National TV
– Disc Shaped UFO Recorded Over Netherlands
– News Interview With The Man That Captured The Triangle UFO Over Kansas

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  1. the nasa/mars beacon light was debunked and shouldn't be here. the last clip with the triangular craft is a man-made jet with contrails and shouldn't be here.

  2. How about leaving them where they are as examples of mistaken objects. I expect these would need to be labelled as such. Perhaps someone (like yourself), could make a list of mistaken identity photos and present them here.

    • no no i don't want to do that! your suggestion about leaving them on with correct labelling is much better! i thank you for your idea!

  3. Hi Janet, Do you have any links to show how the Mars beacon light was debunked please?<br />Thanks,<br /><br />Stu

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