Triangle UFO attacks Taliban camp in Afghanistan – HOAX!


This video of a triangle UFO or a TR-3B attacking a taliban camp in Asadabad, Afghanistan in March 2014 is being published by a lot of UFO websites these days.

But it is a hoax, a CGI made video, by a well known Youtube channel Section 51.

Here’s the edited video:

Here’s the original video recorded by US Marines in Iraq:

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  1. Aliens? No. Could be new NATO friends weapons platform. The world live premiere. Yes, I know I'm wrong, it's a hoax , etc etc. If you people now so much on this site, why are you not doing disclosure as you surely have all the answers.

  2. thank you to the author and finders of the hoax ,thanks for posting the original video , there is a long timeline between the original to the hoaxed one . fifty one became a zero today

  3. Everybody should post on the fake footage saying just how fake it is with a link to the original footage ! I have just done so. I wonder how long my post will stay posted?? <br /><br />But I ask, why is this fake shite doing the rounds and being taken seriously by such state controlled outlets such as MSN? Hmm, I wonder. All of a sudden they are posting shite like this vid on their web news vids

  4. anyway TR-3B would not be used for normal military purpose and shown to low tier soldiers like this. Cloaking technology, even human, are now sophisticated and can hide large engine easely.<br /><br />It&#39;s a bad fake, not even credible for 1 sec.

  5. Surprise surprise,,, my comment and link to the real vid was removed !!! So I have posted it on the vid again. See how long before they remove that one !!

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