Two UFOs Maneuver Strangely Above Eagle Rock, California

On 27th of June 2011, unusual aerial activity was observed over Eagle Rock, California. The event’s video, which shows apparently two unidentified aerial objects, has been spread not only in UFO blogs but also in mainstream media. These UFOs were spotted near the home of the reporting witness in Eagle Rock between 9 AM and 11 AM. He was walking his dog when he observed the first object in which he first thought a balloon. He also noticed two other people watching the same object in the sky. He ran inside his home to take the video and started recording the event.UFO in CaliforniaThe witness saw the UFO moving very fast just like a shooting star but stopped and hovered. He described that the other UFO has a solid shape like a cigar moving in one direction behind the power lines. He continued to notice the UFO seemingly stopped and moved into the clouds. As it was covered by the clouds, its brightness diminished, giving a morph look to it, according to the witness.

The objects appear like they are morphing in the video, which is a normal result when the videographer zooms in and tries to focus on something in the sky. The video has lots of digital noise, making hard to determine the actual shape of the mysterious aerial objects. The witness uploaded the video in different versions to YouTube and based on the titles given to the videos, it looks like he is so convinced the UFOs are more mysterious in nature.

The witness also noted that the UFOs were also caught in security camera footage and that one of the two orbs was blocking him from going outside. However, skeptics have been saying that the hovering object is a balloon and the cigar shaped is a conventional airplane.

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  1. I don&#39;t believe it&#39;s a UFO. It looks more like a paranormal entity — from the nearby cemetery. Similar images have been captured by ghost hunter type shows on cable tv. Ask Zak Fagin what he thinks. LOL.<br /><br />Fascinating video. Thank you.

    • haha you meant Zak Bagans. yes i was thinking it was a human orb too, because of the cemetery. but in all films and pictures i&#39;ve seen of human entity orbs, they are fleeting. this one lasts a long time, leading me to believe it&#39;s a ufo. like a &quot;scout&quot; ufo.

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