UFO news – Spacing out!

A UFO crashed into a vegetable garden in China. That and other UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

Stories discussed in this episode:
– Vatican astronomer speaks at Georgetown
– Alleged alien abductee chess president up for re-election
Bob Lazar still defends Area 51 UFO information
UFO crash-lands in China 

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    • Say now that gal looks like da mrs. except the mrs. is couple hundred pounds heavier with bleached blond hair and a wart on her upper lip…..and when she call for o'l fred her left eye gets to twichin simultaneously with her lower lip……

  1. Sausage shaped ufos is going after water melons while forming crop circles in o'l freds back yard……and the Mrs. is playing listening to Between a rock and a hard place while bouncing on the trampoline…… and you fellas think you gots problems.

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