UFO videos: Silent craft flying over Kings Lynn, UK 24-May-2014

ovnisInteresting footage of a strange silent craft flying across the night sky above Kings Lynn in UK. This was recorded on 24th May 2014.

Witness report: Silent Craft, Silent UFO, here’s one that wanted to be seen, notice as it changed it’s frequency lighting pattern when I mentioned the strobe effect, possible coincidence? anyway, I’m sure I’d be filming more if the USAF wasn’t spraying out the sky every day and night using their Monkeys with paintbrushes, like an idiotic Rembrandt.

Author (TheJSB007 @ youtube)

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  1. how do you think this is a ufo? and what the blazes are you talking about with monkeys painting the skies?? do you mean chemtrails? i hope not.

  2. could be new military type craft of the triangular variety ? or a new helicopter with silent rotor blades ? just a guess ,

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