Fast unidentified flying object recorded over Pelham, New York – April 2014

fast ufo

Watch the report from TercerMilenio about this interesting video of a fast object flying across the sky above  Pelham in New York. This was taken in April 2014.


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  1. There is very little risk of mid-air collision with these objects, as long as the AP Pilot stays on course and does not try to take evasive action. If these objects can do hard 90 turns at Mach speed, as we have witnessed on video, they are more than capable of moving within inches of planes and sometimes even making contact, without catastrophic event. Tough I'm sure at least a few pilots

  2. Appears to be much closer that the plane. Not really a close encounter with the plane but still moving very fast and interesting.

  3. there are two parts where the ufo completely disappears, like it's the film being spliced or something. right at the beginning when it goes over the trees. that's suspicious.

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