Daytime footage of a triangular formation over Charente-Maritime, France – June 2014

France UFO

This interesting footage was recorded in the daytime sky above Charente Maritime, a department on the southwestern coast of France, in early June 2014.

Watch the video here:

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  1. it drives me crazy, when a good shot is there, not moving at all, and focussed fairly well, then the picture changes. this person never even stayed on the shot long enough for anyone to study it. it constantly changed from one shot to the next. this makes it more suspicious. sorry but that fails to impress me.

  2. That vid is published by the same idiots who published the very faked and proved to be fake &#39;craft&#39; attacking taliban in Afghanistan. <br /><br />Just go to their youtube channel and watch some of the utter crap they post. All utterly fake and ridiculous.

  3. The shitty photography seems to be on purpose. When I saw their other videos listed at the end, I immediately became suspicious.<br /><br />You can create hoaxes all day long. All you&#39;re doing is delaying the truth.

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