Latest 2014 crop circles from UK & Italy

crop circles

Here are 4 new crop circles found in Italy and United Kingdom:

June 20; Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, UK

June 22; Marocchi, Poirino, Italy

July 21; Black Wood near Popham, Hampshire, UK

June 22; West Kennett Longbarrow near Avebury, Wiltshire, UK

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  1. the Poirino, Italy one is beyond beautiful and extremely intricate! i am very impressed by these images! now if only i could read them!

  2. i really liked the white on black from before. the entire white here is too much. bright on the eyes. guess we’ll have to get used to it.

  3. i think these crop circles are messages from aliens for aliens i know a scientist called colin andrews has been an authority on these for years deciphered quite a few over the years . I like the renewed website bit brighter easier for me to read .

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