Massive UFO Sightings Over Ottawa County Still Unsolved

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Green, red, white, and blue lights were reported performing strange maneuvers on the night of March 8, 1994.

Cindy Pravda of Grand Haven said in an interview saying that she noticed 4 bright lights just above tree line when she took a glance out to the backyard. These lights remained visible to Pravda for around 10 minutes before one of them moved slowly to the left. She said that the light looked like moving above the highway next to their house and then slowly travelled back in the formation.

The entire unusual sighting lasted for around 30 minutes, but Pravda was not sure if a much bigger object comprised those lights. In a television UFO Hunters shown in the History Channel in 2008, she recounted the event in an episode titled UFO Emergency.

On the same night, 911 operators were busy attending calls from eyewitnesses who were claiming to have observed something that seemed a string of Christmas lights in the sky.

The sighting was not only reported in Ottawa County, but it stretched as far as Lake Michigan. Many sources say that there were 300 witnesses, including several police officers.

Because of so many reports from Ottawa County, 911 operators called National Weather Service radar operator at Muskegon. The recorded conversation of the call by 911 to weather bureau revealed that the radar operator observed sudden movements of the object and several objects recorded on the radar screen.

The radar recorded a movement 20 miles in 10 seconds. The radar operator said that he had 3 things on the radar and they were in a triangular formation. The mysterious objects hovered above Holland and travelled southwest. He said that one travelled away in the formation but later moved back in.

Radar operator also said that he observed 3 and sometimes 4 blips and he was sure that they were not airplanes. It was noted that known aircraft would register as pinpoints on the scope, but the radar registered size of half a thumbnail. Based on the returns on the radar, the objects were estimated to be 5,000 to 12,000 feet moving in rapid motion towards Chicago.

Ottawa County held serious discussions about the UFOs, but to this day, the sightings were never sufficiently explained.

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  1. I am from India. I too had, around 7 years ago sighted a strange circle of lights in the night sky of mahabaleshwar, a small hill-station near Mumbai. These lights hovered in the sky for a few minutes and then dispersed in different directions. What surprised me was the speed at which they moved apart-it travelled at lightning speed. No man made object could possibly move at that speed. I am quite certain that these were air crafts from an alien world. I have mentioned this sighting to several people who seem quite skeptical and I don’t really blame them as I too would react the same way they did if I were I told this. My view of the world and our very existence has changed ever since!

  2. On the afternoon of march 31 1994[three weeks later] I filmed a similar light for about six minutes in the sky over Sydney Australia.

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