1986 UFO Case: Japan Air Lines Flight 1628

flight 1628 ufo

UFO sightings may be common among pilots, but the sighting of Japan Airlines flight 1628 can be categorised as one of the most interesting with multiple evidence revealing extensive radar data, radio transcripts and the way government official handled the situation. The Japanese airline had a lengthy close encounter that lasted for over 40 minutes in total. The mysterious incident was recorded by multiple radar systems, resulting media and government interests. The FAA conducted an investigation about the close encounter that led to disclosing extensive radar data and radio transcripts of what many thought solid evidence on the incident. These documents have disclosed information on how UFO reports are handled by airline officials and exposed the continued interest of secret groups within the U.S. government.

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  1. That same yr , we had just finished our band rehearsal an I loaded my truck up an off to the dinner for breakfast w/t the girls … We then drove them home an were heading back to my truck so that we could go home …The bass player who was w/t me , would later say that ( he ) felt as if something was ( following ) us the whole time … When we pulled up to my truck which was in front of his home , as we exit his car we look @ each other the whole ( area ) around us was this ( light ) blue luminosity that was ( just ) like a being in a room with a ( black light ) except it was a light blue in color !?!?! We both said [ what the ] h&*! as we both look directly above our heads , this [ craft ] was huge , bigger then a city block … He got scared an started running up the driveway to open his front door where he stood looking @ me , where I was standing near my truck an looking up @ this craft … As I looked @ it , an he’s ( yelling @ me to get inside w/t him .) it looked like that light blue luminosity but , it had these ( bright ) white sgwiggle fast moving , I don’t know what ?? But it reminded of when u would get into a ( fight ) an get punched in your ( eye ) an the fast moving stars an lines… I finally ran inside w/t him an he stayed @ the front door peaking his head out @ it as I got the phone ( no cellphones ) yet , an called the Air National guard , an the person on the line said , ” the Sargent of the day , or of arms had step away an he would be the person who could help us an I hung up. As I went back down sstairs where my buddy was @ the front door , he said as soon as he ( heard ) me talking on the phone … It disappeared !?!?!? This thing was @ least 250 – 300 meters wide & round … Even stranger , unbeknownst to us for yrs later , this is the same Hudson valley area , an around the same time as the black triangle sittings of the mid 80’s …

  2. An the thing that was so beautiful was , ppl would try an debunk [ me ]… But they couldn’t debunk my buddy because he not only plays music ,but he’s an educator as well w/t two [degrees],an he’s working on his PHD which I’m sure he has @ this time … W/t out him , the naysayers would of ate me up ,but he put a stop to all of them , telling them the exact [same thing] that I saw , was exactly what [he] saw as well …!

  3. ufodc.com/page%2024.html JAL Flight 1628 encountered an object which was first documented by Grumman Ground Satellite tracking technology in 1960. The Third Object; Band of Light UFO larger than 2 aircraft carriers is a bit larger as illustrated on the 60 fps HD Digital capture youtube.com/watch?v=Y03lIc0H9gY

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