UFO Expert Peter Robbins

Peter Robbins Talk Is Jericho

Talk To Jericho, 1st August 2014 – It’s all about alien abductions, implants, and sightings with UFO expert Peter Robbins! He’s breaking down the evidence for you to decide… and sharing what he knows about Area 51 and government cover-ups. Skeptic or true believer – this one’s a must-listen!

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  1. It was lovely listening to Peter Robbins. He explains everything in such great detail. Now I know for sure that we are not alone and the mystery of `aliens and abduction` stories will continue until such time when someone comes up with a realistic answer.

  2. The mrs. could sit on the sofa kick back and listen to this fella for hours while chuckin down a 1/2 gal. of ice cream, a quart a soda, back a potato chips, half a dozen maple bars….. and then comes the main course…..

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