Cigar-shaped UFO recorded by Mars Curiosity Rover


NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars captured a cigar-shaped UFO back in April 2014. Watch the analysis of this sighting made by Tercer Milenio with Jaime Maussan and Fernando Correa.

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  1. It’s not even a video of our planet, how could it be fake?! And, since it is so close to the one back in the 80’s maybe they live there.

  2. Well, there are photo editors, BUT, if this is coming from NASA, then, that would be outrageous.
    Any astronomers around willing to take a guess?
    Seems to be rather artificial.

  3. it looks genuine yet again the russian cosmanaut was cautious in her comment sed it could be part of her spacecraft or might be alien craft? kee[p an open mind on it good video .

  4. Say now you fellas gots to know there ain’t no cigar shaped ufos only sausage shaped ufos…. and them tall white blond alien gals is reeel partial to em…..

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