Milky Way Galaxy Has 40 Billion Potentially Habitable Planets and Around 30,000 Alien Civilisations

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There are 3000 alien civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy, but the chances of finding them are very low, according to a Dutch Astronomer.

Astronomer Michael Garrett of Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (Astron) commented during the International Astronomical Congress held in Toronto that Earth is one of the 40 billion habitable planets in the galaxy based on the data collected by NASA and other space agencies.

According to the study, there may be another habitable planet forming every year, making the possibility of the existence of alien civilisations higher and there may be approximately 3,000 alien civilisations already in the galaxy.

However, Garrett noted that civilisation advanced enough to received signals send out from Earth is very unlikely at the moment.

Garrett explained that civilisations could be at least 1,000 light-years away from each other in the Milky Way and the large distance would mean that twice the travel distance is needed for communication purposes. In this connection, Garrett further said that the opportunity to talk to other civilisations would need civilisations that have been around for at least a few thousand years.

He said that life on Earth started with a simple life forms which had been existed for billion years before the intelligent life arrived. He pointed out that Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence ( SETI) signals are rare in the Milky Way galaxy considering the scientific theory that intelligent life only developed on Earth in the last few minutes of the entire evolution of life.

While Garrett is negative about the possibility of communicating aliens in the near future, scientists at SETI are more positive.

SETI astronomer Seth Shostak said in March that he expects alien contacts to happen within the next 20 years with the advances of technology.

He explained that while the research is still in its infant stage with limited equipment and money, he believes the humanity is not far off. He expects that mankind will make contact with aliens within the next two decades, based on the fact that digital electronics and computers are getting cheaper and better, which would make scanning through the cosmos faster.

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  1. Aliens will more likely contact us than we them as we are still in our “infancy” as a space-faring planet. Other probable civilizations could be thousands, millions, maybe even billions of years ahead of us if they survived that long. How far have we come in 2000 years, in the last 100; how far have they come in even an extra 1000 years. I think we’ll hear from them soon enough, in universal time, maybe not my lifetime.

  2. First contact will be from us, not them. They are waiting for this infantile world to cease inhumanity to humanity. To accept the obvious fact that we are not alone. Do not be afraid of the truth in enlightenment. There is always fear of the unknown with a profound hope for benevolence. I conveyed a thought provoking analogy in my sci-fi novel, THE PARADOX, which will be available through Amazon around Oct.23,2014. In likeness of the cosmic consciousness, there are good planets and bad planets…and a whole magnificent universe of wonders waiting for us. If we don’t destroy our own opportunity, the human definition will continue along with the hopes, pain and comedy of its errors. They are watching us. I thank you for this opportunity.

  3. 30,000 or 3,000 ? I need to know before I fire up the Warp drive.

    Aliens will contact us first, considering how quickly we evolved in the past 150 years… I cannot imagine how a civilization that had a 10,000, 100,000, 1 million year etc head start on us.. how far ahead they will be. They are merely waiting for us to pass thru “Puberty” waiting to see if we kill each other. If we make it through that and we actually understand that learning (anything) supersedes war, destruction etc etc. THEN they may pay a little visit. But they probably do not want to blow our minds. So they will slowly drop little hints, little evidence etc. then maybe after 100 years of that, they may say hello. Unless of course they other type of Aliens ( the destructive kind) that just want our resources from our planet. Dont arrive first.

    and become mature adolescentsd

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