A Craftsman Photographs Bright Saucer-Shaped UFO Above Manchester

flying saucer

Floating saucer-shaped object has been caught on the photograph in the sky over Manchester. Craftsman John Hindley photographed the mysterious outline. Hindley claims that he felt a magnetic pull towards the saucer-shaped object while he took a picture of it.

Being a perfectly rational man, the 35-year-old insists that he tried to figure out what looked like a glitch in the cloud. However, he believes he saw what could have been a UFO after zooming in on the picture.

Mr. Hindley was in Middleton, Manchester at his friend’s house on November 7, 2014 when he got up at around 10 a.m. and felt a pulling sensation. He looked up into the sky and spotted unusual flying object drifting above the Pennines, approximately two miles away.

From the third floor of the house, Mr. Hindley took a picture of the UFO using his mobile phone.

Mr. Hindley explained the he felt a pull in taking the picture out of the window. It seemed that something pulled him to the window, added Mr. Hindley.

When he remembered that pulling feeling after two days, he thought of taking a look of that photo. That was the only time he looked at the picture again.

Mr. Hindley said that he felt the same pull when he took the picture, a magnetic pull or a lunar pull. He revealed that he never felt the same feeling before, so he was certain that the mysterious object caught in the photo was not a Chinook helicopter.

He firmly believes that it could have been a UFO, and he thinks that there is an increasing number of people realising that the mankind is not alone around the vicinity.

He explained that the photo exhibits the lights shining in the bright sky. He doesn’t think that the object is the cause of a reflection.

The object, according to the witness, stayed in one position in the sky for approximately 30 minutes before it disappeared.

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    • Why oh why do so many fall again and again in to the simply logic trap of assuming that if the object is not a reflection, an aircraft or anything else that is explainable then it must be extra-terrestrial? Quote ‘He firmly believes that it could have been a UFO, and he thinks that there is an increasing number of people realising that the mankind (SIC) is not alone around the vicinity.’

      So, its a UFO, therefore it is not of this earth .. Er, I don’t thinks so – necessarily. Earth lights deceive thousands every year – if all the ‘UFO’ lights seen in our skies are really extra-terrestrial its going to be pretty crowded up there.

      Look at the rather sad post from xEzgamerxc below. From an interesting unexplained aerial phenomenon we are suddenly in to ‘beings’ and ‘craft’.

      Oh sorry, I have just seen that he or she has videos on YouTube, so it must all be truce after all!! (:-))

  1. Mr.Hindley isn’t the only one who has gotten this sensation. I too have gotten the feeling with the same results just with different crafts. Mr.Hindley it probably was a UFO. These beings have the ability to get your attention if they want. This might sound kinda crazy but I too have had the same feeling several times and every time I get it I see their crafts above my home or in my neighborhood they have even woken me up from sleep one craft was the size of a small city, another was triangular shaped, another looked like a star that suddenly expanded to the size of a hot air balloon and started to rain down sparkles over my home. I have reported many of my sightings and I have several videos on youtube you should check out… Thanks you for posting this.

    – xEzgamerx

  2. There is only one, the larger of the two, picked out in redm is an enlargement of the one in the distance. I do not think it is a reflection from the room, that would mean the light fitting would be a long way off and the room would be enormous. Not ure if it’s been photoshopped either, but it is intersting.

  3. Looks like reflections of ceiling lights with further reflections behind and lower than the main sighting. As to being drawn to it. OKay!

  4. good photo you were very lucky . to see it in the day now youve see this one check it out at night theirs loads of sightings over north manchester .ive been watching plenty of ufos at night .its bin going on for years over manchester keep looking and watching youll soon find out

  5. i firmly believe its a genuine ufo sighting sir if u want to mess around with silly topics it does resemble a shower head but no shower heads going to float in the evening skt around a mile away definately not a reflection of house light fitting . good pic

  6. beleive it or not ,i work in middleton at stakehill nft at night,i call them in to see me,just keep watching the skies on a clear night from 20.30 and you will see more.

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