Former American History Professor Believes Human-Alien Hybrids Will Soon Take Over Earth

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Retired professor David Jacobs believes alien abduction on humans have been happening to create alien-human hybrids who are walking all over Earth today and will take over Earth soon.

Jacobs knows that every time he talks about it, he is being ridiculed by a lot of ordinary people and skeptics, but he long stopped caring about what people think of him. Now 71, Jacobs has made investigations on extraterrestrial abductions as his mission.

Jacobs, who currently working on his 5th book, was a professor for 36 years, teaching American history at Temple University before retiring in 2011. His first 4 books were printed by leading and academic publishers as he ensures to apply a scholarly approach to his research.

Jacobs has talked with around 150 people who claim they were victims of alien abductions. In his own estimates, based on public polls, space aliens kidnapped over a million Americans.

While he admits that the evidence on extraterrestrial body-snatching and extraterrestrial life itself is weak, he insists evidence exists. He cites the following evidence:

  • Abductees have been reporting similar experiences and recalling common details, such as the mission to breed of humanlike or insect-like appearance extraterrestrials.
  • People were absent physically during the time they were abducted and some loved ones or families claimed they saw them disappeared.
  • Sometimes abductees were taken in groups composed of people who never met before on Earth and shared their abduction experiences together when they met on Earth after the abduction.
  • People return with strange marks, scars or injuries in which Jacobs claimed he had seen himself.
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  1. i totally agree with him. I have had too many unusual experiences with the aliens to not believe.
    The non- believers are the puppets of the world, & the believers who are looked on as odd are actually in the know-how.

  2. I have read many of Professor David Jacobs articles in the past. I do believe he warrants our attention and respect. There seems to be something going on all around us. Our government has the ability to tell us the truth, but they just keep silent.

  3. This may be in part true, however we should be careful not to label all extraterrestrials as the one’s doing this just as we should not label one race here on earth for the wrongs done by a few of that race, this is racism on an epic scale and must be qualified at least with that disclaimer. I believe from information I am aware of there may have been a treaty permitting the abductions by one group and the US government so long as the people were returned but, I Also strongly feel from the variety of craft and information available that there are multiple types of extraterrestrials out there, some good, some indifferent towards us, and some with intent we would consider negative or evil, that it may be one group only (or one group from one race if extraterrestrials) doing the abductions and which have their agenda but that this group does not represent all the extraterrestrials in the cast multiverse just as one nation’s people’s (other than the United States) does not represent the entire planet earth.

      • Good points, Janet, although the “Tall Whites” at S-4 have yet to reply to my letter requesting use of a couple of their vehicles to clean the space debris:

  4. While this has been going on for some time from the milestone event at Area 51 when the President agreed to americans being experimented on, I don’t believe they are yet ready to be assiminiated into mainstram politics and general public positions. The Hybrids are both human attributes and particularly aliens attibutes they allow this blended race to be able to take on the tasks of the next 100 years that humans are not able to use or access 100% of their brain power due to lack of focus and commitment to development.

  5. I don’t know what to say on this subject as it’s so fantastic. What is the proof for Aliens walking among us?
    I once had an old neighbour who insisted that there were Aliens roaming around disguised as Humans but he could detect them and kept 2 loaded shotguns by his door in case they dropped by. Scary on many levels!!!!!

  6. > I have read many of Professor David Jacobs articles in the past. I do
    > believe he warrants our attention and respect.

    Have you read this article?:

  7. I thought the Aliens where already in control Dr. Jacobs. Whoever is in control now, have been doing a marvelous job of screwing up the planet with endless (building 7 on 9-11) wars. Do you call them human? Perhaps there are truly humane souls out there, that can’t quite fit into our containers. When Columbus bumped into America, there were 50 million people here. Ronald Reagan said it was O. K. to steal the land from them because they weren’t doing anything with it. I welcome the space brothers. Maybe they will help us fight the snakes and the dragons in charge now.

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